All You see is the Blood.
Oh Bless His name

​​​Gospel singers

Down On My knees

​The Tipton's take pride in providing you with excellent and secure payment options. Please contact 870-283-2595 to place a credit card order. It will be verified via Square and a text or email receipt will be sent to you. You are welcome to pay by check or money order by simply mailing payment with $4.00 shipping and handling fee to : 

The Tiptons 
443 Johnson St 
Cave City, AR 72521
Prices:   1 CD  $15.00
  Any     2 CD's $25.00
  Any     3 CD's $35.00
  Any     4 CD's $45.00    
  Any     5 CD's $55.00

  Any     6 plus CD's $10.00 Each 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or 870-283-2595 

The Tiptons

Carry the gospel 
Oh To know him 
Press On 
Strong Enough To Lean On

New project Heritage available Now! 

Fully Surrendered