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The Tiptons


Virginia and Jack Tipton is the foundation of The Tiptons family ministry. Musical abilities were instilled in their lives at a very young age. Virginia, at the age of 3, started singing for candy at the local general store. Of course the more she sang the more candy she would receive. When Jack and Virginia got married, Jack was already a young musician with the gift of guitar playing.

Virginia was able to attend a revival service when she was 21 years old and during that revival service heard the call of salvation and she answered it. She stayed faithful to God, praying for salvation for her husband and raising her young daughters, (Sharon & Lesa), after a few years past Jack saw something real in Virginia's life and felt salvations' call on his life and he too accepted Jesus as his savior. From this point on the music was no longer about one self but about worshiping the Lord. 

Jack and Virginia were raising their family, (Sharon, Lesa, and Dan) with the values of Godly wisdom, good manners and music. Jack and Virginia started ministering in song at their local church and throughout the area in revivals and meetings. Dennis Esteb and Jamie Tugwell also attended church with The Tiptons. Jamie and Lesa being close friends, and soon Dennis and Jamie were married. 

As the children grew there were some life decisions made that took them down the worldly path. Music became more about them than the Lord and soon Lesa and Dan found themselves singing in clubs and caught up in the worldly things. After running from God for years and much prayers from their parents Dan was saved, a few years later Lesa gave her life to Jesus. Jack was diagnosis with Alzheimers and in March of 2009 Jack went home to be with the Lord. This is when more ministry started to rise.

Dan, Lesa and Virginia took to the call to record a CD, due to the request of many friends and acquaintances. The title was "Oh Bless His Name" there were several cover songs featured along with some that were written either by Jack and Virginia or Lesa. Jamie was at the local Christian bookstore and found a copy of "Oh Bless His Name" and was very excited to see her old friends doing things for the Lord. Jamie played piano and Dennis played steel guitar and felt led to minister with The Tiptons and they recorded "Strong Enough To Lean On". The Lord allowed doors to open and people to be blessed by the ministry and soon they were completing another CD project "Down On My Knees". In 2012 Virginia was diagnosis with Parkinson Disease and became unable to travel and sing as she once did, but God wasn't through with her yet. Dan, Lesa and Jamie became the face of The Tiptons ministry completing albums: "Carry The Gospel", "All You See Is The Blood", "Press On", "Oh To Know Him", and "Fully Surrendered", which featured Dan's daughter Jacie.

God is using and directing The Tiptons to carry a message out to show God's love and to allow the anointing to take place in peoples lives. The Tiptons don't come to "entertain" they come to minister, love, and show the lost that Salvation is a wonderful relationship between Jesus and the individual and they can have victory, no matter where life has taken them.